2nd Ave Subway

In a recent interview, Thomas F. Prendergast, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, confirmed that the first segment of the line, which cost approximately $4.4 billion, is slated to open in December, along with three new stations on the Upper East Side. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before the section is ready for service. The trains are operating on the tracks, but testing still needs to be conducted on the fire alarm system as well as on the escalators and elevators at the 72nd Street station before it can be opened to the public.

New MTA Photos Show Construction of Second Avenue Subway Line Well Underway
2nd Ave Subway
Technically, the objective of the massive project is to have the Second Avenue line run the length of Manhattan, to Houston Street or Hanover Square, but after years of setbacks, nobody seems to be holding their breath for that to happen. And although many will be pleased just to see the first segment of the Second Avenue Subway finally operational, the line will (at least initially) be much shorter than originally planned.

When it opens in December, the line will basically be a two-mile extension of the Q line, which will travel to 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue before stopping at the new stations at 72nd, 86th and 96th streets. The second phase of the project will hopefully see the line extended north to 125th Street in East Harlem.

Via NY Times

Images © Patrick Cashin/MTA