All of New York is anxiously awaiting the third installment of the High Line to open (especially with the current unseasonably beautiful weather), and it looks like everyone has an idea of what the new design should include. The Friends of the High Line, a non-profit that manages the High Line Park, recently surveyed hundreds of New Yorkers about what they would like to see in the new section of the elevated walkway — and results show children may be the big winners! The most popular response to last month’s survey was the need for a kid friendly area in the new park layout. A playground, including a swing set, may be the number one choice for the High Line’s latest design. Take our poll below and let us know if you think the High Line’s final section should be more kid-friendly.

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The newest section of the High Line is about 30 percent of the entire walkway, stretching from West 30th and 10th Avenue looping around to the West Side Highway, including the West Side Rail Yards. The Rail Yards, sitting between West 30th and 34th street is the last remaining bit of elevated rail that has not yet been transformed into the walkway or demolished to make room for upcoming buildings. Other ideas brought to light by the survey include keeping the gritty train tracks that have become such an iconic image for the space, or even bringing back some sort of actual running train.

With funds feverishly being raised by the city, stakeholders, and other generous foundations, the new park area could be fast tracked to construction in the next several months.

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