While Citi Bikes have given thousands of New Yorkers a clean and green way of getting around NYC, they’re not exactly known for their speed or agility. That is, of course, unless you’re BMX legend Tyrone Williams, who recently schooled naysayers by popping wheelies on one of the heavy blue bikes and making it look like child’s play. Read on to see a video of Williams in action!

Animal New York challenged Williams to ride a Citi Bike and test the limits of its rather clunky 40-pound body. Sure, the bike probably won’t be able to do any sick spins off of a half pipe, but Williams – who is also the co-owner of Chinatown bike shop Dah Shop and an Animal Bikes team rider – shows that you can pull off some quick hops, wheelies and grinds, and even swing around a dirt course.

While not everyone can make these tricks look as easy as Williams can, it’s still cool to see what a pro-rider can do with a bike that most people consider to be a bulky piece of metal. That said, my inner cranky old man hopes we don’t find a bunch of Citi Bikes on the rack with completely scratched up pedals and bent back wheels.

via Animal New York