Planning a weekend subway trip in New York City just got a whole lot easier thanks to an upgrade of the MTA’s Weekender app that displays real-time train arrival information for all 154 stations served by the 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 trains as well as departures for the two S 42nd Street Shuttle terminals. Real-time information was already available on the MTA’s Subway Time app, but with the update to the Weekender app for iOS 7.0 and Android mobile platforms, NYC transit users will no longer have to toggle between the two apps to find accurate information about when their train is arriving at the platform.

Image © MTA

“Real-time arrival info complements and reconfirms the general information already being offered our Weekender app,” said MTA Chairman Thomas F. Prendergast. “The Weekender app already describes the nature of service we’re able to provide each weekend with maps and text. It tells you which trains you can expect to arrive at which stations, and where they will stop once you get on. Now, on most of our numbered lines, the app tells you exactly when those trains are arriving. There is no longer any need to toggle back and forth between The Weekender for service info and Subway Time for specific train arrivals.”

The Weekender app was launched in June 2012 and already provides subway riders with information about service changes due to track work and neighborhood maps showing the exact location of the subway station and popular destinations near the stop.

+ MTA’s Weekender App


Lead image via Paul Lowry