Web developer Jill Hubley is on a roll. First, the prolific cartographer created an amazing interactive map of 600,000 of NYC’s trees and now she’s at it again with a new project that puts NYC buildings on blast by illustrating which properties produce the most greenhouse gas emissions.

Jill Hubley Carbon Emissions Map NYC

Hubley says that she was inspired to create the interactive map by Mayor de Blasio’s quest to lower citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030. She decided to make an interactive and user-friendly tool that would help the city and curious residents to track the energy expenditure of NYC buildings.

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To create the map, Hubley merged information from NYC energy disclosure data and geo-referenced PLUTO tax lot data. The buildings were then categorized and color-coded by the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions they produce. The number assigned to each building corresponds with the “carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide generated from on-site energy consumption.”

To use the map, users just have to hover over a property to see how that particular building’s number breaks down into direct and indirect emissions. The buildings that are greener than the rest are coded in shades of teal, while the buildings consuming the most energy are colored tan and brown. Additionally, Hubley added more information such as the owner of each property, and the year it was built.

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Images via Jill Hubley’s website