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What gets New Yorkers in the mood? According to sex counselor and author Ian Kerner, it’s not oysters, chocolates or flowers – it’s green space! Kerner credits strolls through parks, exercise and the relaxation that only time spent outside in nature can provide as great ways to boost our libido and we have to say that we agree! We just hope that people can curb their enhanced sexual appetites until they get home.

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Our city’s parks and greenery give each and every one of us a time to reflect and disconnect from our busy daily lives amidst the concrete jungle. Kerner, who is a columnist, founder of, and co-author of “The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book,” stresses that because New York is such a big, urban center, getting outside is an important step to help us get in the mood.

Outdoor and green spaces give New Yorkers a chance to be romantic. For example, walking through Central Park brings both a breath of fresh air, and a renewed appreciation of the city and your partner. Plus, the archways and lush bowing branches offer endlessly opportune places for a romantic kisses. Pathways and meadows also give New Yorkers a chance to unwind and go for a hand in hand stroll. Kerner picks the Central Park Reservoir as his top sexiest spot, with its view of the skyline, and the trees and fragrant plants that surround it.

Aside from providing romantic views and places to smooch, green spaces renew the senses, refresh the body with ample oxygen, and encourages exercise – all which are factors in a healthy love life. So this summer, get out side and take a leisurely twilight stroll with your partner – you might get lucky!

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