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The cavernous interior of the Armory’s Drill Hall was taken over on Saturday by Situ’s installation. The multi-piece design was interwoven in and around the hall’s existing cable system, which hovers at 20 feet above the floor. A network of nylon rope and fabric pieces pulled taut were combined with projections, a video feed and live performances. The piece also became the environment for Processional Arts Workshop’s horde of oversized puppets, which performed throughout the night for guests. The nylon rope and polyethylene fabric used in the installation will be donated to the Processional Arts Workshop, to be repurposed in theater productions and sets.

The installation hangs on a lightweight aluminum frame, made from modular components. Sheets made from recycled resins and aluminum electrical conduit provide structural support, and will also be recycled after the event.

Brooklyn-based Situ Studio was chosen by the Architectural League to design the pop-up environment for the event, to represent a younger and emerging face of design and architecture in New York.

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