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The condo may only have 428 square feet of interior space, but it appears larger thanks to ten-foot-high ceilings and a giant skylight (in addition to two wall windows) that make the space feel open and airy. Part of the space’s charm is its effective use of built-ins and storage that double as room dividers to make it seem more like a one-bedroom than a studio. Sleek white walls and rich wood floors help complete the picture.

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A large blue divider-like unit that separates the living and sleeping areas is the central focus of the apartment. On the “bedroom” side, a queen-size bed fits snugly into a portion of the piece that acts as a headboard and bookshelf. A large clothes closet with racks, shelves and drawers also helps to define the space. On the reverse side, the divider has shelves that hold a television, plants, drawers and other décor and storage needs for the living room.

The pass-through kitchen further opens up the space, and includes a dishwasher to keep dirty dishes out of site. The black and white tiled bathroom has a full bathtub and a wall of mirrors to reflect light.

The crowning jewel of the condo is a quick walk up a flight of stairs to a large private roof garden bigger than the apartment itself, thus doubling the living space during warm months!

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