The Landmark Preservation Commission protects our city’s historic buildings, but sometimes, architectural elements must be removed, due to renovations or a building becoming condemned. Since 1980, the LPC has been collecting architectural salvage, stock piling it in their Williamsburg. The warehouse now needs to be cleared out so the building can be turned into affordable housing, meaning that next week, New Yorkers will gain access to the LPC’s extensive collection of architectural salvage in their warehouse clearing auction.

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The LPC’s architectural salvage collection was available to the public in their Williamsburg warehouse until 2000, then it closed for budgetary reasons. They continued to collect items, stock piling it in the warehouse and offering it to non-profits, museums and other New York organizations. The building, at 337 Berry Street, will now be converted into affordable housing, leaving a warehouse full of historical salvage to be cleared out. The LPC warehouse will open its doors to the public once more for this auction.

The LPC’s salvage collection up for grabs includes historic wrought iron fences, grilles, ornate brackets, doors, banisters, windows and decorative elements. Also available will be vintage clawfoot bathtubs, sinks, even a set of theater seats! The goods will be sold in 30 lots, with proceeds benefiting the City’s general fund.

If you want to snag a piece of history for your house renovation, now is your chance to get in on the action at a great price. Bidders can inspect the items up for grabs on Wednesday, October 12th and Friday, October 14th from 9am-noon, and Monday, October 17th from 1-4pm.

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Via Historic Districts Council