Just when you thought McCarren Park couldn’t get any cooler, it might be getting a beautiful new green-roofed farmer’s market. The proposal comes from up-and-coming design firm SpaceCutter, which dreams of creating the new foodie’s delight by renovating an unsightly abandoned warehouse on the west side of the park. Inspired by Williamsburg’s waterfront Smorgasborg and Chelsea’s famous indoor market, this hipster haven showcases local food and drink vendors on the ground floor under an enormous green rooftop deck.

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The McCarren Park area is arguably one of the main hubs of Williamsburg, offering clean and open spaces for Brooklynites to enjoy at the leisure. A market featuring local meats, cheeses, chocolates, pastries, fruits, and vegetables is SpaceCutter’s idea of contributing even more to the neighborhood’s stellar popularity. The market’s planned roof deck is meant to be an extension of the park, covered in grass like the communal fields, and would offer restaurants, bars, comfy seating, and, of course, panoramic views of the New York skyline. One corner of the deck is also planned to be sectioned off as a multi-purpose space for community music, art, and dance performances. Not only will the grassy roof be a fantastic place to spend a weekend summer day relaxing, but it will also help manage and recycle rain water and function as low-maintenance insulation during the winter months.

The warehouse takeover is still in the planning phases but we think it is just what the neighborhood needs!

+ SpaceCutter

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