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The Principals designed Spatium Yamamoto as part of MoMA PS1’s Warm Up series, an initiative that puts on some of the raddest dance parties in Long Island City. A mash-up between musicians, artists, architects, and dancers, the program challenges designers to create lightweight and sustainable 24-hour pop-up dance stages for each concert.

Inspired by the psychedelic aesthetics of rock bands like Pink Floyd, The Principals created a stage installation made of geometric metal prisms embedded with a series of iridescent reflectors. Controlled through sensor driven light boxes, each iridescent panel reacts to the sound vibrations and movements of the band and the crowd. Reflecting the unique sounds of the band and surroundings, Spatium Yamamoto’s panels twirl and flash, as if dancing to become one with the crowd.

Spatium Yamamoto was unveiled at MoMA PS1 for its final two summer Warm Up concerts on August 31st and September 7th.

+ The Principals