Protestors from Monday night’s “Spectra Showdown,” a demonstration against the construction of the controversial gas pipeline between New York and New Jersey, are reportedly still maintaining a presence at a sanitation pier on the West Side of Manhattan. The group is supposedly trying to intercept a shipment of the project’s building materials and dozens if not hundreds of demonstrators have been at the site all week, peacefully protesting and distributing leaflets outlining their concerns about the proposed Spectra gas line. Since its approval in May, the enormous dual-state pipeline has become the cause for a number of safety, health, and environmental concerns, with resistance from city officials and residents growing daily.

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The Spectra Pipeline, part of the New Jersey-New York Expansion Project will add about 15 miles of natural-gas pipeline starting in Staten Island and running through Bayonne, Jersey City, Hoboken, and New York. Protestors have questioned the need for natural-gas technology as both states have been dedicated to pushing towards greener energy initiatives, citing export profits as the main motivation for the project. Concerns about radioactive radon presence and air pollution are also widespread across the states. Many other opposers, including Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy and actor Mark Rufalo, are concerned about the high-pressure gas line’s safety issues. With mounting federal fines and violations already under Spectra’s belt, many are worried the 30 to 40 inch wide pipeline carrying 800 million cubic feet of high-pressure gas could cause a catastrophic explosion.

Further demonstrations may soon be scheduled and can be tracked on the Sane Energy Project’s website.

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via The Examiner