Brooklyn residents who’ve long been awaiting the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Park promised to them 7 years ago may be in for some good news. Earlier this week, the New York City Economic Development Corporation sent out a call for developers’ proposals to purchase the air rights around 65 Commercial St. in Brooklyn, and the plan is to use the proceeds to pay for some of the expenses associated with building the new green space. It’s been almost a decade since New Yorkers were vowed the 30 acres of waterfront parkland, so we’re really hoping this new course of action will lead to getting it up and running.

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At the moment, the land the NYCEDC is hoping to sell the air rights to sits in a prime location directly on the waterfront, and hosts MTA Trams, which will need to be relocated if park construction is ever to begin. The reason for the 7-year delay on Greenpoint Park, according to city officials, is a lack of public funds. Purchasing air rights would allow developers to construct higher and denser buildings around the properties surrounding 65 Commercial St. and could also help pay for the park.

The profits from the sales would be used to relocate the trolleys and begin landscaping of the promised park. Still, the city has admitted that it lacks a concrete plan for this transformation. Residents are anxiously waiting to see whether the city will finally begin to deliver its green promises after the call for proposals is closed on August 30th.