Groundhog Day is here and spring is in the air — at least for New Yorkers. This day of weather reckoning, where we put all our sunny spring hopes on a furry animal and his shadow, has produced mixed results this year! While famed fur ball Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning in Pennsylvania, thus predicting six more weeks of winter, Staten Island Chuck did not. This is great news for New Yorkers who can look forward to enjoying an early spring, if they aren’t already.

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Regardless of which rodent you want to believe, it is undeniable that the Northeast has had some incredibly mild weather this season. In fact, scientist are already deeming this the warmest winter since 1932, with temperatures in the Northeast about five degrees above average. Staten Island Chuck’s forecast is not one to be taken lightly either. As a 30-year veteran, Chuck (or more formally, Charles G. Hogg) boasts a whopping 80 percent accuracy rate.

At the Staten Island Zoo ceremony this morning, Mayor Bloomberg hoped Chuck could predict more than the weather forecast. “Six more week of warm weather and sun and a Giants win,” the Mayor said. We will have to wait and see this weekend!

via NY Daily News

Lead Image of Staten Island Chuck © Garrett Ziegler via Creative Commons Flickr