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Swoon has worked on similar environmentally focused projects, such as her “junk rafts” made of salvaged materials that are also included in the Submerged Motherlands installation. The enormous constructed tree that acts as the installation’s focal point rises into a 72-foot-high dome and is draped with intricately cut paper foliage. The lighting is set up to shine up into the foliage to cast beautiful and ethereal shadows onto the curved walls.

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Inspired by climate change throughout history, Submerged Motherlands calls attention to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy as well as an 8,000-year-old tsunami that destroyed Doggerland, a landmass that once connected Great Britain with Europe. Swoon uses figurative prints and drawings to express the social and environmental effects of such extreme weather events. The installation will be on view from April 11th through August 24th, 2014.


Via Brooklyn Museum

Images via Brooklyn Museum