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Each year, the Times Square Alliance holds a design competition for invited design teams to submit a proposal for a Valentine Heart sculpture, which is judged by the Architectural League of New York. This year’s winners, Stereotank, are based locally but originally hail from Venezuela. Their interactive drum sculpture stole the hearts of the committee, and the piece was unveiled Monday, to be enjoyed until March 8th.

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The red, oblong heart is made from molded plastic, and is outfitted with reflector lights on the outside, and bulbs on the inside to make it glow at night. From deep within, HeartBeat radiates a low frequency sound, buzzing with deep bass. On the exterior of the art along either side are a series of drum pads that invite passersby to tap along with the beat. Visitors are encouraged to use hands, makeshift tools or drum sticks to engage with the various percussion instruments displayed on the outside, creating an interactive and impromptu urban instrument that brings the community together to create a unified song.

While visitors play their impromptu tunes, HeartBeats pulses with a warm light, making the sculpture seem to come to life. The pulsing light echoes the dazzling lights of surrounding billboards making the piece feel like the actual heart of Times Square. Visitors can enjoy the Valentine Heart for free during the month of February and into March.

+ Stereotank

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