Times Square will be thumping to the sounds of a more literal urban pulse this Valentine’s Day thanks to Brooklyn- based, Venezuelan-born design firm Stereotank. The firm’s installation, Heartbeart, was chosen as the winner of this year’s annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design and is sure to bring a much-needed dose of love to the bustling NYC plaza.

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According to the Times Square Alliance, the massive, heart-shaped installation was chosen for its earnest attempt to bring New Yorkers together through music. Various percussion instruments and materiales such as synthetic snare skin, coil, animal hide and plastic were used in the installation’s design to create distinct drum timbres and resonance.

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According to the designers, “Heartbeat is a heart-beating urban drum. This engagement sculpture consists of a massive heart glowing to the rhythm of a strong, deep and low frequency heartbeat sound which changes its rate as visitors approach, move around and engage with it by playing various percussion instruments and joining the base rhythm of the heartbeat. The audience is invited to come together and creatively play, listen, dance and feel the vibrations of the heart while enjoying the warm pulsating light. In the emblematic, active, flickering atmosphere of Times Square, Heartbeat orchestrates multiple rhythms into a unique urban concert.”

The thumping Heartbeat will be on display at Father Duffy Square from February 9th until March 8, 2015.

+ Times Square Alliance
+ Stereotank