Although the city has committed to investing in a system to deter an abundance of stormwater overflow, flooding is still a major concern for New York City. The New Jersey non-profit, Climate Central, has created an interactive map that illustrates to New Yorkers just how global warming and flooding could affect the city by as early as 2020. Called Surging Seas, the map allows visitors to type in their zip codes and see projected flooding risks over time.

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Based on a report that bears the same name, Surging Seas was founded on the prediction that sea levels will rise by four feet over the next 20 years. Because of global warming, sea levels are rising faster than ever before. The New York Times has even said that in the next 100 years, land that is 3.3 below sea level could be underwater.

The Surging Seas map lets New Yorkers see just where they stand in regards to what is projected for 2020. According to the map, there is a good chance (1 in 6!) that Battery Park and even parts of the Williamsburg waterfront could be a foot underwater, should a catastrophic storm or hurricane happen. Of course this is all still a possibility, with no real way to predict if these storms will come or not.

But in the meantime, New York City has taken precautionary measures. Since 2008, New York’s Department of Environmental Protection has formed a climate change task force, which has begun preparing the New York coastline for flooding. Tuesday’s decision also will implement an environmental structure, including precautions like bioswales, water-absorbing concrete, vegetative rain filtration systems, and other natural defenses that will hopefully help prevent flooding should Climate Central’s predictions come true.

+ Climate Central Surging Seas

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