A modern-day Noah’s Ark will be coming to Astoria’s Socrates Sculpture Park this summer. While it won’t house animals or humans like its biblical counterpart, the hope is that the massive boat sculpture will get visitors thinking about the realities of climate change. Designed by Philadelphia-based Austin + Mergold, the fifty-foot wooden “SuralArk” will resemble an overturned ship, but will double as a shaded shelter for park goers. The ark will also pay tribute the area’s marine history and highlight its vulnerability to rising tides.

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Socrates Sculpture Park sits right on the East River, and was hit hard by the flood waters of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Austin + Mergold designed SuralArk to act as a sculptural warning about the effects of climate change on the environment, including the potential disappearance of the park itself should tides continue to rise. The design beat out 169 other submissions in the 2014 Folly Competition hosted by the park and the Architectural League of New York.

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When complete, the oversized ark will appear to float sixteen feet above the ground, propped up on column-like stilts to create walkways beneath it. Inside the ship, park visitors can take refuge from the hot summer sun, and relax in the shade. The ark itself will be made from lumber and vinyl siding, which will safeguard the interior from rain and wind, and will have foam benches inside for people to recline on.

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The ark can be enjoyed at the Socrates Sculpture Park from May 11th to August 3rd.

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