In a step to help New Yorkers conserve water, the Department of Environmental Protection will soon offer vouchers to those who convert to low-flow toilets. As part of the Bloomberg administration plan to conserve resources, homeowners and landlords will be offered a $125 rebate if they switch over to more eco-friendly toilets. The incentive will start early next year, saving both the city and landlords money, as well as resources!

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Low-flow toilets save an extraordinary amount of water as compared to traditional johns. Each uses around 1.28 gallons of water per flush, a huge savings compared to a regular toilet’s 5 gallons per flush. With utility costs at around one cent per gallon, homeowners and landlords should see a significant difference on their water bills.

By the end of next year, the plan expects to replace 800,000 toilets around the five boroughs. Over time, the new toilets will save at least 30 million gallons of water per year, reducing the city’s average daily water usage by 3 percent. The reduction plan will also help alleviate the effects of planned construction of a major city viaduct in 2020.

The toilet replacing plan is nothing new, as New York enacted another incentive program in the mid ’90s, which replaced 1.3 million toilets in the New York City area. The city will now find a company to recycle the 800,000 disused porcelain toilets. Porcelain can be ground up to produce tiles, construction materials and even cement. Could New York City be the next to use “poticrete”?

Via New York Times

Lead image via DEP, Second Image ©Elvert Barnes