Designers across the city have been attracting furniture and art-lovers with their work during New York Design Week, but a series of sculptural installations by Takeshi Miyakawa caught some rather unwanted attention – the NYPD’s. The I LOVE NY shopping bag-shaped sculptures caused a real stir over the weekend when they were mistaken for bombs by the cops. The ironically very peaceful bags were adapted into glowing sculptures to light up the city’s streets but instead of garnering praise for his thoughtful installation, the Brooklyn-based designer was arrested late Saturday night for “planting false bombs.”

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Johnny Strategy at design blog Spoon&Tamago says that the designer is still in custody, despite the non-explosive sculptures being given the all-clear by a bomb-squad. According to a couple of reports the misunderstanding escalated after a concerned neighbor phoned authorities asking how Miyakawa’s art could be removed from a nearby tree. The NYPD arrived and arrested Miyakawa, who along with four of his colleagues explained that the hanging bags were not explosives but an innocent art-installation.

Currently the designer is being held at Rikers Island and a Facebook group has been set up to demand his release.

+ Takeshi Miyakawa

Via Spoon&Tamago

Images courtesy of Takeshi Miyakawa