If there’s anything better than a tiny house, it’s a tiny house built for a great cause. Service networking company TaskRabbit is putting their workers to “task” by erecting its very own micro home in the middle of the Chelsea Triangle over the course of 72 hours. Once complete, the home will be sold through eBay to raise money for non-profit Community Solutions.

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100 percent of the money from the sale of the tiny home will go to Community Solutions’ fight to end poverty and homelessness. One of their New York projects is The Brownsville Partnership, which aims to provide job opportunities in a community battling unemployment. According to TaskRabbit, the tiny home project is a “symbol of our shared vision” that “no task is ever too big (or too small).”

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TaskRabbit taskers take on all sorts of chores, so the company gathered carpenters, plumbers, cleaners, and decorators to totally outfit the small abode. Once the house is built, it will be furnished and will include a bathroom and loft bedroom. In true tiny house fashion, it will include features such as a foldout dinner table and creative storage space.

Bidding for the house started at $1,000 and is now up to over $7,000. You can place your bid here. The auction ends Sunday, May 22.

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