Would you dare to scale a 1,300-foot-tall skyscraper just to post a pic of the view on Instagram? Demid Lebdev of Queens did just that, delighting his over 21,000 followers with breathtaking vistas from atop 432 Park Avenue, New York City’s tallest building. Unfortunately, the teen was arrested shortly after mounting the residential highrise.

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“I went to heaven and back,” Lebdev wrote in a post on his Instagram account @Demidism. The pic earned well over 1,000 likes.

At 17 years young, the self-described “Urban Historian” has a penchant for exposing his social media audience to startling views of New York City architecture and hidden realms and pathways that drastically change the way in which we see the concrete jungle.

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Despite his best efforts to aspire to new “heights” in his photography and share the glory of New York City, the teen faces criminal charges for his series of well-documented security breaches and trespassing offenses.

Many of Lebdev’s followers urged him to keep the faith and pursue his art. “Your pictures are amazing good luck w the legal system hopefully they aren’t too harsh…let’s be honest it’s not like your hurting anyone. Best wishes,” wrote Instagrammer @weston_d.

For more of Lebdev’s incredible photography follow him on Instagram @Demidism.

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