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The walls of the small 350 square foot apartment have become David’s own personal art gallery. Framed photos, paintings, and vintage advertisements join the resident’s own collages, which adorn the sides of appliances and cabinets. In order to make full use of the wall space, David also commissioned a friend to create graffiti installations directly on the walls, encapsulating the interior with the artistic spirit that was once the heart of the Lower East Side.

In order to create a spacious flow in the apartment, there are no doors from room to room – including the bathroom! Guests may be shocked that the toilet is blocked off only by a half wall, but David loves the interplay it creates. Since there are no closets, his clothing collection doubles as décor, as do his shoes, which are stored in built-in shelving around the fireplace.

The mantle is strewn with an continually growing candle installation, which builds up as the candles melt and David adds more to the mix. The bar manager’s collection of upcycled bottles, which are cleaned and grouped around the apartment, also add to the eclectic decor.

David’s cozy LES apartment fuses his personal style with minimal living, creating a fashionable space for the man and his appropriately tiny dog.

Via SpacesTV