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Sustainability, climate responsiveness and indoor/outdoor living were the core aims of The Bay House in New York, according to the designers. A five bedroom home designed for a single family, the house is comprised of two rectangular boxes arranged parallel to the water. A buffer zone separates the home and external louvers, which extends the interior living zone and protects against harsh weather, and all of the timber used for the siding and decking was sourced sustainably.

The louvers on both sides of the home control shading in response to the daily climate conditions and provide privacy. Extensive glazing ensures energy efficiency and copious amounts of daylight, while closed cell foam insulation ensures that no heat escapes. This low heat is generated by in-floor heating powered by a geothermal pump, and the whole place is rigged to ensure the absolute best energy management possible. The landscaping was developed in accordance with xeriscaping principles, ensuring a low-maintenance system that meshes with the local ecology. Albeit bigger than we think it needs to be, this home certainly is beautiful!

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