In 1858, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed Central Park, creating vistas and views that were meant to be experienced like a painting – each tree and sculpture was arranged to be taken in as an artistic sensory experience. Now, thanks to Bluebrain, modern park revelers can add another element this experience — a soundtrack. Bluebrain created a musical iPhone app that is synced with a GPS system so as you pass through the park, it plays a soundtrack tailored to your surroundings, no matter which way you turn.

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Brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay created the app, which was released last October, for iPhone and iPad. The duo wrote and recorded over 400 short tracks, from lively piano to soothing violin to more ambient tracks. The Holladays are true artists, writing each of the tracks with direct inspiration from the spots in Central Park that they correspond with. Meshing the visuals of Central Park with specific sound gives the user a new experience with the familiar Central Park — the experience that the Holladays want you to have.

The location-aware app has virtually endless possibilities and combinations, all determined by the user’s trek. Like the popular Choose Your Own Adventure books of our childhood, the Bluebrain apps let the user walk their way into different “performances” and track mash-ups. The aural experience begins as the user crosses into the park, igniting the app, and continues to switch from song to song until the user leaves the park.

The free Bluebrain app gives users new appreciation of New York City’s backyard, reconnecting jaded New Yorkers with the public landscape, while creating a unique, all-encompassing experience.

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Via The New York Times