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Originally designed by William Van Alen for Walter P. Chrysler’s headquarters, the building first opened as New York’s tallest skyscraper in 1930, until it was beat out almost a year later by the Empire State Building. With managing company Tishman Speyer’s sustainable renovations, the Chrysler Building may not be as tall as the Empire State Building, but can now claim to be just as green!

The Chrysler Building had already attained Energy Star credibility in 2008 and 2012, but the upgraded energy efficiency and maintenance program has pushed it forward into LEED territory. The 77 story, 1.2 million square foot building has also implemented low-flow, energy-efficient plumbing fixtures throughout the building, helping to amp up its sustainability. A vigorous recycling program has also increased the building’s recycling rate to 81% of total waste recycled.

The Chrysler Building’s property manager, Tishman Speyer, has made a commitment to their properties world wide to achieve higher levels of sustainability and energy efficiency. Over 5.7 million square feet of Tishman Speyer office space has earned LEED certification in New York City alone, with even more in their properties worldwide.

With iconic buildings like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building earning LEED certification, other properties in New York have great leaders to model themselves after.

Via Green Buildings NYC

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