DontFlushMe is a notification system that allows New Yorkers to take sewage overflow into their own hands (and we mean that in the least disgusting way possible). We first met DontFlushMe’s inventor Leif Percifield when he introduced the system to us, and now he’s come up with a new sensor and Visualight Wi-Fi light bulb capable of notifying users by lighting up whenever there is an overflow in the sewers. The nifty and useful little gadget will also be available to the public as a perk from his Kickstarter campaign.

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By strategically placing his specially-designed sensors in various locations in the sewers and waterfront, Percifield is able to detect when New York’s sewers are overloaded. While we may not be able to see this overflow in first person, we’ve probably all heard about the disgusting raw sewage that gets dumped into our waters when the sewer system is flooded. The beauty of DontFlushMe is that it notifies members of these overflows so that they can refrain from flushing, reducing their own wastewater and effectively reducing the amount of sewage during sewer system overload times.

The new Visualight Wi-Fi light bulb can be connected to the DontFlushMe system, lighting up in a selected color when overflows are at a high. The innovative system can also be synced with other data sites, illuminating in three different colors for each synced system. Users can also link the system to their smartphones and connect data like weather, subway traffic, or even email to the Visualight system. The bulb can glow blue for cold weather, letting you know to bring a coat, or green to let you know that the email you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

If you’re interested in scoring a Visualight if your own, head to the Kickstarter campaign page today!

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