WXY Architecture + Urban Design have been chosen as the lead designers for the innovative Easy River Blueway Project. The project entails the revamping of the East River waterfront from 38th Street to the Brooklyn Bridge, making the waterfront accessible and able to be enjoyed by all New Yorkers. The project will also create several access points for recreational boats along the East Side of Manhattan.

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The plan sees the East River as an underused resource, with untapped parks, vistas, and activities. Redeveloping the waterfront will be beneficial to everyone, creating another recreation point in Manhattan. Supported by Manhattan Borough President Scott Springer, the plan proposes fun projects like a Lower East Side Beach, green spaces, and waterfront concessions.

The plan will also include docks along the East River that will give residents immediate access to the water for boating and other recreational activities. Special summer projects proposed were also a floating swimming pool and eco-dock.

The East River Blueway’s website also asks for innovative ideas and concerns from the community, on all points stretching to the Brooklyn Bridge. They hope to compile the wishlist of excited New Yorkers and implement as many ideas as possible into the final Blueway plan.

Now that WXY Architecture + Urban Design have been chosen as the design team, the exciting project can start to move forward!

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