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There were plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as onlookers took in the whimsical scene created by the enigmatic artist. Several of her friends also made an appearance the event, telling us that it’s sometimes difficult to keep the artist from taking her needles and yarn to objects in their homes when they aren’t looking.

The End is Far is Olek’s second exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery and features new multi-layered crocheted sculptures and panels inspired by life events such as the artist’s recent brush with the law. With the addition of finely crocheted lace doilies, metallic gold ribbon and a new approach to typography, there are themes of freedom, justice, strength and feminine power conveyed through objects such as boxing gloves, skulls, skeletons, sickles and horseshoes. An installation room containing the dining table boasts overflowing fruit bowls, wine bottles and goblets – pieces of play for Olek’s crocheted mermaid performers.

If you want to see the exhibit firsthand, head over to the Chelsea neighborhood to take it all in. The End is Far will be on display until the 23rd of March.

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