As Giants fans crowd the streets today to celebrate the team’s Super Bowl win, the confetti that will sprinkle down upon fans and players will be made of 100 precent recycled paper! Offices and recycling companies around the city have donated over 50 tons of shredded paper that will be used as victory confetti as Eli Manning and the Giants parade through Lower Manhattan.

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This year’s ticker-tape parade is the 203rd in Manhattan history. Ticker-tape parades haven’t actually used ticker-tape since the late 1960s. Ticker-tape was initially used in the mechanical tickers used on Wall Street, and the furls and coils of the paper tape were useless after being processed through the machines. One green-minded New Yorker in 1886 thought of recycling the streams of paper in a parade to welcome the Statue of Liberty, and thus the tradition of the ticker-tape parade was born!

Shredded recycled office paper may not provide the same whirling streamers that tickers did, but the festive feeling is still there. We only hope that after the recycled confetti showers down as Giants fans celebrate with their team, the Downtown Alliance then collects and recycles the remnants of the great victory parade.


Images © Dkaz and © TedKerwin