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The High Line Zoo is located atop a previously barren rooftop along the High Line, and consists of flat (but still ferocious) lions, elephants and monkeys. While the animals are a pristine white during the day, they come to life at night and flash with dizzying colors and accompanying sounds.

“We designed the entire project, the animals shapes, the building materials, and executing the build with efficiency and sustainability in mind,” Jordan Betten tells Inhabitat NYC. “The entire zoo was built with less then 8 pieces of plywood and 2 gallons of paint. As New York City artists, who self produced this project, we wanted to demonstrate how a simple and efficiently built project can still have impact and gain respect from the viewers. In contrast, for example, the Jeff Koons
project for The High Line is budgeted at over $23 million, which is very far apart from what we spent.”

Want to see the High Line Zoo for yourself? The installation will be up all summer, with special performances taking place on the third Thursday of every month.

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