The Inhabitat gang finds it difficult to resist any great green holiday decoration — whether it be a DIY terrarium ornament, a Jack Daniel’s holiday tree or a geodesic gingerbread house, we just can’t get enough. But we might have just come across the mother of them all: an edible conifer just popped up in a New York City hotel lobby. The Jumeirah Essex Hotel — owned by the same company as the Burj al Arab and its sky high tennis court — has erected a ten foot tall holiday tree made entirely of chocolate, and though we’re not sure if they’ll have a gorging party after the holidays are over, we’re impressed with their chocolate-inspired ingenuity.

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Executive Pastry Chef Deden Putra molded the ten foot tree off of a sturdy non-chocolate base but the rest of it is completely edible. Chef Putra created 273 white chocolate pine boughs, drizzled white chocolate snow over them and sculpted 78 chocolate holiday decorations to top off their masterpiece. In all, the tree is made of 500 pounds of chocolate. That’s a lot of cocoa, which leaves us to thinking that if they don’t eat this tree when the holidays are over they’ve surely created a lot of choco-waste.

If you’d like to basque in the glory of this decorative culinary delight, the Essex House is holding Festive Afternoon Tea from Sunday to Thursday each week this holiday season and a weekends-only Chocolate Bar where you can stuff yourself silly with a chocolate fountain, assorted truffles, and house-made hot chocolate in order to stop yourself from gorging on their decorations.

+ Jumeirah Essex House

Via Hotel Chatter