Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, just hit an environmental home run! The Mets administration recently announced a number of green upgrades for the sports facility and organization, including a 100-percent alternative energy offset for the stadium’s electricity use through 2016.

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Working in collaboration with NextEra Resources, Citi Field will offset its electricity use by purchasing 58,500 renewable energy certificates (RECs).The new REC initiative is just one of the many green initiatives already in play at Citi Field. In fact, when the stadium was built in 2008, the New York team signed an agreement with the EPA to be an environmental steward,  aggressively working towards reducing energy and water usage and solid waste production across their entire operation.

Some of the current green practices at Citi Field include green landscaping in the form of an 11,000-square-foot green roof over the administration building, restrooms equipped with low-flow faucets and toilets, and the use of compostable flatware and post-consumer recycled paperware for the stadium’s food services.

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Additionally, in 2013, the stadium began working with Action Carting Environmental Services and ARAMARK to use food waste and grass clippings as compost for the stadium’s landscaping needs. Equally impressive is on-site biodiesel refinery, which turns waste oil from the stadium’s food operations into fuel, which is used to run the facility’s landscaping equipment.

According to the latest EPA environmental assessment of the stadium’s green practices, the Mets organization has reduced their carbon footprint by a whopping 46,517 metric tons (measured as carbon dioxide equivalent) over the last five years.

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