New Yorkers have been enjoying Wi-Fi at certain subway stations for a while now, but it looks like that same convenience might soon be coming to train cars themselves. According to a new report from NY1, the MTA has been secretly testing Wi-Fi on four cars along the E line to test the feasibility of providing commuters with free internet.

 (Image ©Nouhailler)
According to NY1, the testing is being done on the “sly,” with no indications to commuters. However, a spokesman for the MTA did confirm the trial to NY1, explaining that the process is still in its very early stages.

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Commuters speaking with NY1 seemed excited at the idea of underground Wi-Fi. “I think it’s a wonderful thing because people use cellphones, they use all types of different things to get Wi-Fi,” said one commuter.

“We’re always on our cellphones, we’re always playing music or on Instagram. We like to scroll while we’re on the train. I think it will be useful,” said another.

Via NY1

Images via Beau Wade, Nouhailler and dilworthdesigns