NYC’s green carts – you know, those vendors you see on street corners selling fresh fruits and veggies? – are a wonderful source of healthful food for New Yorkers, and now there’s even a cookbook to show you some tasty recipes you can make with produce purchased from them. The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, the James Beard Foundation, and the New York City Department of Health’s Green Cart Initiative came up with the handy booklet and are calling it the Fresh Food Pack. The flavor-packed guide includes 20 recipes made mainly with the fruits and vegetables found at our local produce carts as well as a kids’ pack, tips and advice from healthcare institutions, and special featured recipes from New York City’s finest chefs!

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NYC Green Carts began in 2008 with a generous grant from the Illumination Fund. The initiative aimed to bring fresh produce to underserved neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. The project has been a community health and economic success, and has created more than 900 new jobs and provided dozens of families with affordable, fresh, healthy food.

The new Fresh Food Pack allows Green Cart customers to take their culinary curiosity into their own hands. With recipes from both professional chefs and Green Cart community members, there is no shortage of delicious meal ideas. The packs are available in local food stores, online, and at any NYC Green Cart.

+ The Illumination Fund

images via Eating Healthy NYC facebook