The Taco Truck chain was born in Hoboken, NJ and combines delectable organic Mexican food with environmentally-friendly design.  Their tasty tortas and tacos can be enjoyed from one of their mobile trucks or inside one of their LEED-certified restaurants. Whether you sit down to eat these authentic Mexican bites or grab them to go, you’ll notice the fresh ingredients and flavors, which go hand-in-hand with the Taco Truck’s commitment to the environment.

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The Taco Truck’s Hoboken flagship started their foray into LEED certification. The restaurant’s floor is made from 90% recycled materials, as are the tables, which are made of recycled and pressed cardboard. All of the packaging in the stores and in the mobile truck locations are biodegradable and compostable, including bags, utensils, cups and napkins, keeping “fast” food waste out of the landfills.

The Taco Truck also has a company-wide composting program, which has thus far saved 138,344 pounds of waste going into landfills. Averaging around 900 pounds of compost per week, the restaurant collects all expired kitchen food, uneaten customer food and soiled packaging for the compost pile.

Serving up specialities like fried avocado tacos with picked onions, traditional elotes and friend plantains, Taco Truck has an extensive range of vegetarian options, as well as hormone and antibiotic-free meat options. With trucks located around Jersey City, Hoboken and  Newark, in addition to their Hoboken flagship, they make it easy to pick up a yummy and sustainable meal on your lunch break.

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