If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own private island, check out this little gem that’s a real bargain by NYC real estate standards. Located less than a two-hour drive from NYC, Willow Island is a one-acre piece of land with a 5,600 square-foot home that offers gorgeous views of surrounding Putnam Lake. There’s just one catch—since gas-powered boats are prohibited on the lake, you’ll have to row your way to your new abode.

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Selling for just a hair under one million dollars, the private island offers a three-story, single family home, a swan’s nest and a guest cottage for less than the average NYC apartment (which runs for about $1.4  million). The sellers of the island are retired couple Larry and Amelia Papler, who for the past 38 years, made weekly drives from their Upper East Side home to their private island retreat. The Paplers would stow their car in a private garage at Patterson before taking a five-minute ride by rowboat to their second home.

Designed by the same engineer who worked on the Holland Tunnel, this prewar home was built in 1932 with a slightly odd combination of four bedrooms and 1.5 baths. 48 open-view windows throughout the house take advantage of the beautiful views out into private Putnam Lake. The house also offers a DSL line, satellite TV, and its own septic sewer tank and artesian well.

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