199 Warren Street Livingroom

The landmarked schoolhouse dates back to the 1880s and the developers made good use of the building’s original 16-foot vaulted ceilings. The living room is staggeringly large with tall windows draped with long flowing curtains. Adding to the rustic character of the main family room are decorative rugs, floral patterned recliners, and a nicely aged cabinet.

The home also has plenty of storage with large wooden chests in one of the bedrooms. The other bedroom could be mistaken for one in a beach home with the use of warm wooden furniture and the nice splash of green added by a houseplant on a stepladder.

Of course the converted schoolhouse also has its share of modern touches. The kitchen has many state-of-the-art conveniences including multiple stainless steel appliances. The property’s 2.5 bathrooms are just as well equipped but there are still a few more eccentric elements, such as a clamshell sink and retro wallpaper, to keep things interesting.

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