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It seems that cute new character balloons and floats weren’t the only things revealed this year to revelers at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Apparently, the recycled paper confetti that rained down on thousands of spectators at the event contained shredded top secret documents from the Nassau County Police Department. Strips bearing readable social security numbers, addresses and names littered Midtown streets, to the shock of both Macy’s and the Five-O.

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Image ©Orangeadnan

It seems a box of highly sensitive documents from the Nassau County Police Department somehow made its way into the batch of multi-colored confetti that showered down upon 34th Street as oversized balloons passed down the street. As visitors clamored for the best views of the passing floats, their hair, jackets, and the streets began to whiten with the traditional sprinkling of confetti. But soon, parade goers realized this confetti was oddly printed with letters and numbers.

Shreds containing detectives’ phone numbers, social security numbers, arrest records, birth dates, addresses and other reports were readable by the Thanksgiving Parade crowd. Not only were the confidential documents somehow mixed in with Macy’s “commercially bought” confetti, but were also shredded horizontally– making the lines of many strips legible.

An investigation on just how these docs got to the parade has been launched, but as of now, the Nassau County Police Department isn’t sure just how their internal documents were recycled into parade confetti.

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Images ©Orangeadnan and ©supa_pedro