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Next Wednesday, November 28th will officially kick off the holiday season – at least by Rockefeller Center standards. The famous Christmas Tree lighting ceremony will commence at 7pm and continue with programming until 9pm for hundreds of visitors as well as millions across the country who will watch the broadcast live.

Rockefeller Center made the transition to a sustainable holiday season back in 2007, when they installed a solar power station atop the roof of 45 Rockefeller Plaza to power the dazzling lights of that year’s beloved tree. The solar panels, which power the 30,000 multi-colored LED Christmas lights, also help offset Rockefeller Center’s spiked power usage over peak energy demand during the holiday season.

In the past, trees have been harvested from far off places like Colorado, but this year’s tree comes to us from nearby New Jersey, cutting down on travel costs and energy ahd making the 2012 tree the greenest yet!

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