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In 2004, Thomas Phifer and Partners beat out 200 other participants from 23 countries with the most innovative and cost effective design for New York City street lights. The competition did not require the design to be eco-friendly, but the LED lamps took the cake. The design’s ultra slim oval shape includes state of the art hi-flux LED technology. Each light contains tiny linear arrays of LEDs that are grouped together into four segments, providing the ultimate range of illumination for the street below.

The oval shape of the profile also allows for heat sink, preventing the lamps from overheating or contributing to the urban heat island effect when New York begins to blister in the warmer months. The design also includes an ingenious modular fitting pole. Long and short arm components can be interchanged making it easier to repair or adjust bulbs quickly and efficiently.

The average life of an LED light exceeds 50,000 hours, requiring minimal maintenance and pesky bulb replacements. Unlike their predecessors, the new lights contain no mercury and will not produce harmful ultraviolet rays.

The new LED City Lights will eventually be spread throughout the streets, sidewalks, and park in all five boroughs, paving a way for a bright New York City future.

+ Thomas Phifer and Partners

Via A/N Blog