Digging up the beach looking for buried treasure might sound like a fool’s errand, but it may not be as farfetched as you might think. The adventurous and generous duo behind the Twitter phenomenon @HiddenCash has reportedly hidden $2,500 in 38 Pez dispensers along Coney Island Beach. The moolah was planted at the beginning of this month, but could still very well be buried undiscovered beneath the sand.

HiddenCash Pez Dispenser

The Brooklyn Paper recently revealed that most of the money that was planted could still be there. Jason Buzi and Yan Budman, the pair behind @HiddenCash, confirmed that only one person found a Pez dispenser by digging far beneath the surface of the beach. Judging from how deep that lucky treasure hunter had to shovel, a Parks Department spokesperson theorized that sandbonis (tractors with beach cleaning rakes) could have passed over the cash-filled candy cases pushing them even deeper into the Coney Island sands.

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If this is all true, the @HiddenCash scavenger hunt loot could still be waiting for people to come and find it. Buzi and Budman say they hid the loot along the beach between the New York Aquarium and Luna Park at 8:30 am on August 3rd. However by 10:30 am that same day multiple treasure-seekers tweeted there was no cash to be had. To fix the situation, Budman brought more Pez dispensers filled with money to Brighton Beach to make up for the missing prizes.

via Brooklyn Paper

Images © Ingrid Taylar and Rian Castillo