Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Zoo welcomed three adorable new residents last week. A trio of Juliana pigs now call the zoo’s barn area (which is thoroughly removed from any big, bad wolves) home, marking the first time the family favorite destination has ever had pigs on display. Judging from the video above released by Wildlife Conservation Society, which operates the zoo, the little pigs look pretty happy about their new digs. Here’s hoping that the addition of the new porcine pals will slowly teach visitors to see pigs as friends rather than as food.

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It’s tough to refrain from making a “three little pigs” joke because these cuties are quite literally that. Juliana pigs are the smallest breed of miniature pigs, so these siblings won’t ever weigh more than 65 pounds. That’s just a fraction of what a full-grown standard sized breed of pig weighs. Because of their spots, they are also known as “miniature painted pigs.”

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Juliana pigs are notorious for being smart, curious, and friendly little creatures—so much so that they are sometimes bred and sold as pets. A single piglet can cost as much as $500 from a private breeder. That seems like something worth huffing and puffing about.

These piglets—two males and a female—are the first porcine residents of the Brooklyn zoo. Visitors can sneak a peak of the rolly polly pigs in the barn area of the zoo alongside goats, sheep, chickens, and other domestic animals.


Image and video via Wildlife Conservation Society