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Initially, a plan for a mixed use hotel, residential and retail area designed by Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects was proposed for the site in 2009. The new Avinash K. Malhotra plan nixes the hotel, and brings a 14 story, 128 unit residence, a 25 story tower with 140 units and a 14 story building with 44 units and a pool.

Two of the three new residential towers will butt up against the High Line, with the third just a building away on 29th Street on the West side of the park linking to the site of the former Quo Night Club (which is currently being torn down for the project). 28th Street was once known for its mega nightclubs, including strip club Scores which still remains, but since the building of the High Line, the street has quickly turned into the latest place to buy a condo.

However, some people aren’t loving the crop of new buildings that keep sprouting up since they may have adverse effects on the initial intention of the High Line Park. With residential towers casting shade on the current bloom gardens, flowerbeds might have to be rethought and the fear is that the raised park could become nothing more than a walkway linking the new high rise neighborhood.

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