You may have survived the storms this week, but certain areas of Brooklyn and Queens aren’t doing as well. Wednesday’s intense rain pummeled the tri-state area and caused some roads in the two boroughs to become rivers. According to local news reports, the thunderstorms emptied more than an inch of rain over the city resulting in impassable roads and flooded subway stations. Along with Brooklyn and Queens, Long Island was also exceptionally well soaked, with drivers having a tough time driving through the water. Over the past few years, New York has been the victim of several similar floods and a combination of heavy rain and the city’s antiquated sewer system is often a recipe for disaster for residents living in low-elevation areas.

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As well as heavy rain, the thunderstorms also brought strong winds and intense lightning. According to NBC News, a man fishing at Takanassee Lake in Long Branch was even struck by lightning and taken to Monmouth Medical Center in critical condition. Another house in Bloomingdale went up in flames after being hit. There were even reports of hail in some areas.

In Brooklyn, subways services on the B, N and Q lines. Astoria-bound Q and N trains were delayed and there was no B service in both directions from the Brighton Beach to the Prospect Park station.

via NBC News

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