Goodbye concrete jungle and hello verdant forest? Urban botanist Marielle Anzelone has started an incredible $25,000 Kickstarter campaign that aims to turn NYC’s Times Square into a lush oasis. The proposal, called PopUP Forest: Times Square, would see the bustling tourist zone converted into a living forest, complete with towering trees and wildflowers, as well as speakers that would emit wildlife sounds.

Times Square Pop Up Forest

Anzelone explains how important it is for people to realize that New York actually has quite a bit of green space throughout the city, “We want people to experience the nature that lives nearby, to know their floral and faunal neighbors. We think PopUP Forest: Times Square is the answer! We launched this project on Kickstarter because we want to build a resilient and livable city… New York City is so much more than taxicabs, the Empire State Building, and Jay-Z.”

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If the campaign reaches its goal, the ambitious pop-up project would take over Times Square for three weeks, providing tourists and residents alike with a “sensory experiences will be enhanced through guided woodland walks, interpretive signs, and hands-on educational activities for children.”

Once funded, the project will host a prototype forest in an undisclosed Brooklyn space and if approved by the Times Square Alliance, will hopefully be “planted” in Times Square in 2016.

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Images via PopUp Forest Kickstarter page