The Community Environmental Center (CEC) and Queens Botanical Garden have partnered up to co-host EcoHouse—a compact mobile home that features interactive exhibits of energy-efficient appliances and materials to help educate kids and adults alike on going green at home. The red-brick house-on-wheels was previously on display in Inwood Hill Park over the spring and featured energy-efficient light bulbs and low-flow showerheads among other green systems. Displays also touched on heating and cooling systems to encourage efficient energy use for a home or an apartment. Visitors to the Queens Botanical Parking Garden will be able to tour the environmental education center from July 3rd through August 30.

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“We can bring sustainability to houses and apartment buildings,” says CEC’s Richard Cherry, “but unless the people who live in them understand why it’s vital to have nontoxic cellulose insulation behind the walls, or why ENERGY STAR refrigerators are good for the environment – then we haven’t really done our job. The EcoHouse is a fun, accessible way for everyone in a family to learn how their home works and how they can save energy, save money and protect the environment – all at the same time.”

CEC designed the compact home in 2012 and has brought the 46-foot-long EcoHouse to every New York City borough. To date, approximately 6,000 people have toured the home’s interactive sustainability displays.

The wheelchair-accessible home will be located at 42-80 Crommelin Street in Flushing, near College Point Blvd and will be open Tuesday-Sunday from 8am- 6pm (including July 4th).  Admission to the garden is $4 for adults, $3 for seniors and $2 for students with ID and children ages 3-12. Members of the Queens Botanical Garden receive free admission.  For information about group tours of the EcoHouse contact 718-784-1444, ext. 181 or [email protected]

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Images via Community Environmental Center