If you’ve ever wondered how to quickly find out about bike rides happening in NYC that match your style and fitness level, Transportation Alternatives has launched a new online tool to do just that. BikeNYC.org aims to be the single reference point for an astounding variety of events and existing ride calendars for New York City. TA is also hoping to entice value shoppers to connect with local bike shops by featuring discounts and deals unique to the site.

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2012 is going to be a big year for bicycling in New York City. More bicyclists on the streets than ever before, combined with the launch of bike share in July, means hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will experience bicycling in the Big Apple for the first time. To help these new bicyclists learn the ropes — and to better connect existing bike riders — Transportation Alternatives launched BikeNYC.org as an upgrade to bikemonthnyc­.org. Starting with Bike Month (May), BikeNYC.org will be the year-round go-to source for bicycling events in New York City. BikeNYC.org will also feature guest curators that will help bicyclists, new and old, choose their ultimate bicycling experience.

BikeNYC.org will be available 365 days a year, for events and rides beyond Bike Month this May. Local organizers and bicycling organizations will have profiles, so you can easily keep up with clubs or individuals that put on events that you enjoy. The real strength of the project is in unifying all the different groups, events, styles, and information in one easy-to-navigate resource.

To be informed about updates to the new BikeNYC.org site , you can subscribed to their email newsletter at the top left of the BikeNYC.org homepage.

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