The Sierra Club made waves this week as they “submerged” 40 Wall St., also known as “The Trump Building”, in a symbolic flood of light. The installation, organized in partnership with NYC’s The Illuminator, saw the building “engulfed by rising seas” in order to send a message to President-elect Donald Trump and his pick for the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, climate science denier Scott Pruitt. Read on to see a video of the light installation in progress.

The artistic protest called attention to President-elect Trump’s recent cabinet-level nominations, which include baffling selections like known climate change denier Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA and ExxonMobil executive Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

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“Having Scott Pruitt in charge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is like putting an arsonist in charge of fighting fires,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. “President-elect Donald Trump will be the only head of state in the world to deny the science and dangers of the climate crisis, and he has followed through on that extremism by putting fossil fuel industry hacks and other climate deniers in the most prominent positions in his new administration.”

The large-scale light installation projected images of ocean waters rising up the side of The Trump Building, along with text reading, “Don’t Trump the Planet”. Messages like “Don’t let Pruitt Trump the Planet” and “Polluter Pruitt will make EPA ‘Every Polluters’ Ally’ were also seen illuminating nearby Wall Street buildings.

Trump must choose whether he will go down in history as the person who put our planet back on a path to climate disaster while destroying relationships with nations around the globe, or whether he will accelerate the progress we have made to tackle this crisis and build on the booming clean energy economy,” said Brune. “If Trump keeps choosing to drag us backwards to the dirty energy of the past, he will find unfettered opposition every step of the way.”

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